Property Services for Landlords

Having been landlords since 1966, we are familiar with the many situations that can arise when you own property. The following are some of the services we offer.

EMERGENCIES: With our experience and strong relations with contractors and tradesmen, we are able to respond to almost any situation in a timely manner.

TENANTS: You, as the owner, no longer have to react to tenant problems. Janus Management becomes the point of contact for your tenants, including any repair requests, lease renewals, payment of interest on Security/Last Month Rent deposits, collections and evictions, if necessary.

BOOKKEEPING: An accounting is sent to you monthly, showing rents collected and bills paid that month, and a year-to-date summary. Any surplus is forwarded to you, or deposited in your account at a local bank of your choosing.

RECORDS: Leases, Security Deposit accounts, insurance and maintenance contracts will be held in our office.

In short, we can assume all of the day-to-day management of your property, allowing you to enjoy your investment.

For more information, or a proposal for your property, please email or call 508-429-8728.